New cable network structures for stations with signals – energy-TLC innovative methods for management of control/commands TE
Information technology for the simulation of:
- Train Dynamics: starting, in motion, braking.
- Electrical functioning of the line (track circuit/ TE protection circuit/ Return circuit TE)

Instruments for calculation according to CEI-CELENEC standards and electrical circuit techniques for signal boxes and wayside signalling. Optimisation power supply systems for railway plants (energy, signalling, TLC).

Calculation of electrical and mechanical parameters, and of geotechnical plants, according to the new standards CE50119

New technologies and architectural patrimony s.r.l. is eager to place its technology at the service of the artistic and cultural patrimony of Florence.

Our commitment to this sector is based on our conviction that technology is the art of the day and that beauty conveys ethical values, offers a rich education and is also vital to the economy.

Three dimensional images help us explore works of art in minute detail, not visible to the naked eye.

The images are accompanied by explanatory texts, providing basic information about the works together with bibliographical references for further research. Three dimensional restitution for security survey projects.